Unique Books

Josef von Sternberg – Shadow is

This is a unique book produced for the Book project 2007 at UWE: 'Regenerator – Altered Books Project'

I received the catalogue: 'The Cinema of Josef von Sternberg' March 4 to 8 1974 U.S. Embassy Auditorium. Which I then altered by cutting the quote by Josef von Sternberg into the pages:
'Shadow is mystery and light is clarity.
Shadow conceals – light reveals. To know what to reveal and what to conceal and in what degrees to do this is all there is to art.'
The cut pieces were then added to the cover.

Date of regeneration: 11.01.2007
Size of catalogue: w:18 x h:17.8cm
Pages: total 16 (8 cut through)
Unique copy.

Exhibited at the Off-Centre Gallery,
Bedminster, Bristol, UK
Between 25th April-11th May 2007.

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Steam, Salt, Milk – a nordic creation myth (2000)
An English translation of the nordic creation myth. Translation by the artist.
All illustrations are hand-cut and burnt. Typeset in DIN 9pt. This was the final visual piece for my MA show at Central Saint Martins in December 2000.

A new edition of the book was made during the summer of 2010 as part of my short residency at the University of West England in Bristol, where I worked with Tom Sowden on a Laser-cutting project. See more under Artists' Books 2010

Walther PPK

Walther PPK (Polizeipistole Kriminalmodell)
– the legendary semiautomatic pistol used by agent 007 James Bond, manufactured by Carl Walther in Germany in 1931 and used during World War II.

The first prototype was produced in 2001, and this final unique piece was cut in June 2008.
Hand-cut to scale in 200gms Magnani Velata smooth warm-white paper and hand-stitched and glued. Size: 21x18.5cm.
Box: Keaykolour, Guardsman Red & Leatherette Chamois, Black

Purchased by Manchester Metropolitan University, Sir Kenneth Green Library, All Saints, Special Collections, UK in 2008.

Exhibited at the Library during the The Third Manchester Artist's Book Fair, November 2008.

More recently featured in the exhibition 'Material Matters' at the MMU Special Collections Gallery in Manchester from September 22nd to December 12th, 2014.

Ø: ankomst/afgang

Throughout my life – nowadays by plane – I have departed (afgang) and arrived (ankomst) back to Northern Jutland, Denmark. However, my earliest childhood memories are of crossing one of the four bridges connecting that island to mainland Jutland by car.

Produced for the themed exhibition: 'Ø / Island' at the Doverodde Book Arts Festival May 2009 at Limfjordscenter Doverodde Købmandsgård, Hurup Thy, Denmark.

Hand-cut and pamphlet stitched in Heritage 200gms acid-free paper. Size: 19.5 x 52cm
The Unique piece was donated to the Doverodde Book Arts Center collection in 2009.