Is the sky the limit?

Work in progress.
From July 25th 2015 to July 25th 2016 – between 12:00-14:00pm – I have photographed the sky above me.

In the near future the photographs will be collected in book form, so watch this space...

18.03.2016, 13:23:20 – Hovsør, Denmark (Sony DSC-W350)

24.04.2016, 12:44:04 – Halifax Train station, UK (Sony DSC-W350)

Serena Joy – World Book Night 2016

23rd Mayday Society Symposium 2016
On April 23rd 2016 – the day of World Book Night – I found myself at the White Swan hotel in Halifax, UK under the alias Miss Issippi-Mudpie. My partner in crime accompanied me under the guise of Commander Twinkie.
Both of us came equipped with our own handmade rubber stamps, based on The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood.
MAYDAY – rubber stamp by Mette-Sofie D. Ambeck, 2016
We were part of a group of 16 attending artists at the "symposium" ready to stamp, fold and assemble a joint work by a total of 40 artists. Sarah Bodman of the University of West England's Centre for Fine Print Research had organized the event and devised the format onto which we were working. She brought along a large selection of card stock for us to print onto, and had designed and printed the sumptuous golden boxes to hold the completed collections.
Below: the result of a day's work and a fun weekend with pals.

Serena Joy, 2016 – A box of rubber stamp printed cards by 40 artists. I also had the pleasure of printing the egg cup by Corinne Welch – a 3 colour job.
Items from the event: The complete Serena Joy box collection, my own printed post card, badge and envelope with eye – printed by John Bently – containing a comb and paper for the artists to provide a musical accompaniment to his live performance on the day.
MAYDAY being printed.
All at work in The Grand Ballroom at the White Swan, Halifax, 2016.

Follow these links to read further details about the event and the individual artists www.bookarts.uwe.ac.uk/events/wbn2016.html
John Bently and the Eyes‘Sermon’

Everyone involved was later very gratified to find that the author herself (Margaret Atwood) approved of the event and a set of the collected cards was sent her way.