The last book of 2011.

The cover of all three books.
x= is the third and final book in the series of distinctive and unusual robots based on ordinary recognisable objects hand cut into 10 pages.
In this edition 10 seeds from 10 trees common to London (Acer platanoides, Populus nigra, Acacia, Sambucus, Ficus carica, Alnus incase, Aesculus, Platanus × acerifolia, Quercus, Ulmus glabra.) have been transformed into strange new creatures, the first one being a mechanical butterfly which over the turning pages alter into a mad pod-like robotic medieval fortune-teller, who asks the question: What is to be done?

Like the previous two books (10+ & =∞) the inside cover reveals the robots technical specifications.

x= is produced under the theme of the ten anniversary of the bookartbookshop in London, UK which was 'X= or what is to be done?'.
The book was selected as 1 of 20 shortlisted books to go on exhibit at the Red Gallery, Shoreditch in London from February 21-23rd, 2012.
The rest of the year it will tour art libraries and be available at the bookartbookshop.


The book is inkjet printed and hand cut. Edition 10. Size: 21 x 14.8 cm