Boligslangen: on/off (The Housing Serpent)

3 copies of Boligslangen: on/off (2014). Image M-S D A
A 2014 adventure: Print On Demand
On February 23rd I uploaded my first POD book: Boligslangen: on/off (The Housing Serpent).
Slightly tweaked on March 23rd due to an ISBN error!
This may seem like a departure from my previous work, but there is a close relation to this new piece and the 2010 laser engraved piece: Day Return both in image choice and subject matter.

Boligslangen: on/off – an artist's book created using a 70-minute digital video recording of the Danish building complex Boligslangen (The Housing Serpent) located in Ørestad North on Amager island in Copenhagen, Denmark – adjacent to where I temporarily lived.
The book are stills from the video made every minute while lights go on and off in the building on a Sunday evening in April 2008.
The book works as a flick book, reading first from the front cover but also with the option to be flipped over and read from the back to the front.
It is partly inspired by Alfred Hitchcock's 'Rear Window' (1954).
ISBN 978-87-991309-3-1

The physical book was launched at the artist's book fair: 17th International Contemporary Artist Book Fair at The Tetley, Leeds, UK – March 7-9th, 2014.

Boligslangen: on/off (2014). Image M-S D A

Printed and perfect bound on demand by Blurb.com
Softcover, 142 pages.
Stock: Mohawk Superfine Eggshell Ultrawhite, 148gsm.
Cover size: 16.8 x 17 cm
Edition: unlimited

In the public collection of the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art Library
the Artists’ Books Collection Winchester School of Art Library, Smith College – Mortimer Rare Book Room, MA, USA and Leeds College of Art Library, UK.

In case preview isn't working, see the book here.