Flyv'Fisk / Flying Fish

To read a book is an adventure into another universe.

To go on an adventure, most often involves a plane or ship.

A flying fish is capable of moving above the surface of the water. Bird or Fish?

In 2002 I created a book-installation in Denmark, 'Flyv'Fisk/'Flying Fish' a man-sized book with pages you could walk through or between.

Kirsten Kjærs Museum, 23rd March-24th April 2002.

Hand-cut in corrugated card

Sponsor: KAPPA packaging, DK

Cogs – a Book in the Machine

Our commonplace communication tools today are all based on digital codes of ones and zeroes connected to transmitted information. Cogs are toothed wheels that link to other toothed mechanisms, changing speed or direction of transmitted motion. They remain a symbol of the Industrial Revolution, the beginning of our fast developing world. Today we make reference to a man as; “a cog in the machine”, but we can all be seen as cogs in the machine of our society.

With this in mind I have conceived ‘Cog Books’.

With my previous work I have been investigating elements of robotics and technology, always with the irony in mind that the pieces themselves and the means of their production could not be further from the technology that inspires them. I use organic materials like paper and traditional bookbinding techniques which have been used for centuries and create my illustrations with a simple knife. The cog books will further embody the irony, natural materials shaped to reflect technologies.

An installation of 11 cog books, 3 of which have been displayed at the artists' book exhibition;

'BookBlast', Lönnström Art Museum, Rauma, Finland 10.06-24.09.2006


The remaining 8 were later displayed at the London College of Communication, School of Graphic Design, staff exhibition: 'Research in Progress: Selected Works from the School of Graphic Design', Eckersley and Lower Street Galleries, London, UK, 6-18 November 2006. (Image above.)

In 2010 all 11 cogs where selected to be part of the American exhibition: Open Book – an International Survey of Experimental Books at the Art Department Gallery, Eastern Michigan University, Ypsilanti, Michigan, USA. April 5 – June 15 2010. (Pictured above: Image borrowed)

Below are close up images of two of the cogs: Time and TV.